Guest Kitchen

We have a Guest Kitchen / Lounge with Tea & Coffee & cooking facilities available for all guests. Our Guest Kitchen is fully equipped with all you need like, Mugs & Cutlery, Plates & Glasses. There is an Electric Kettle to make Tea & Coffee & Hot Beverages. We always have the kitchen well stocked up with Coffee & Tea , Sugar & Milk and an assortment of biscuits.

Goerge Foreman   1000 Watt Electric Grill similar to a George Foreman grill. This is very fast & great for making sandwiches and heating wraps etc.

Fridge Freezer    A Frost free Fridge Freezer to chill or freeze what ever you need to keep cool. We always keep it stocked with Fresh Milk & Butter & chilled Water for our guests.

 Microwave Oven  850 Watt Microwave Oven which is great for heating up ready made purchased dinners.

Wifi & Flat Screen TV  You can relax too in our comfortable Guest Kitchen / Lounge and enjoy the High Speed Wifi & Large Screen Tv.